The Evolution of TVLT New Media Language Training to New Language Solutions

Founded in 1983, our registered charity has a rich history of providing technology-based learning materials to assist language learning. The organization was initially known as TVLT Television Language Training when our focus was centred on producing videos and support for television. In the mid-90’s we changed our name to TVLT New Media Language Training to better represent our expansion into CD-ROM-based and online-based learning. As we look towards the future and anticipate the exciting opportunities and new technologies that are continually being developed, the organization will once again evolve its brand to better describe what we do and whom we represent.

Now known as New Language Solutions and with a tagline of empowering educators and learners through innovation, we promise to deliver quality resources and training with superior customer support that is flexible to client needs and provides human-centred technological solutions. Driven by the needs of professionals in the education sector, our blended learning approach will result in better teaching, improved accessibility, and empowerment for newcomers and adult learners in Canada.

For our Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) service providers and teaching staff, our new brand represents not only a continuation of the projects and products with which they are familiar, but better provides an overall picture of the breadth of our initiatives and teaching communities we create. This broader view will facilitate even greater interaction between project groups and awareness of future prospects. New Language Solutions’ service providers and teachers are our lifeblood, and take great pride in their growth as they acquire new skills and become more competitive through our offerings.

For the learners who use our products, we want to avoid at all costs any potential confusion resulting from our new corporate brand. Users will therefore notice almost no difference in the look, functionality, and effectiveness of the systems with which they are familiar.

For our funders, our new brand will help us to better establish and maintain a corporate legacy so that regardless of current or future projects, the identity, activities and history of the organization is established and known. This perspective will inspire our funders with even greater confidence in New Language Solutions as our abilities and track record in developing and delivering cost-effective and quality projects are better represented.

And last but certainly not least, for internal staff/sub-contractors the new brand will provide a rallying point from which they will proudly be able to explain the organization’s social purpose and the role they play in achieving that goal.

New Language Solutions’ future is bright and we invite all of our valued stakeholders to take part in our latest evolution.

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