Current Projects

Developed in 2010 with initial funding from the Ontario Region of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and subsequent support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Avenue – LearnIT2teach provides Moodle-based learner courseware to support online or blended learning, while training teachers in its use and adaptation for their own purposes.

New Language Solutions plays a pivotal role in this initiative’s success by:

  • developing and continually improving the Avenue – LearnIT2teach courseware;
  • providing language educator accredited training and professional development;
  • offering Canadian-centric blended resources and delivery tools that combines traditional face-to-face classroom or online distance methods with computer-mediated activities;
  • training language educators to engage newcomer clients by using open-source learning technologies; and
  • hosting local Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) courses and providing teacher training and just in time support.

Ultimately, New Language Solutions is a service provider to other service providers in the IRCC-funded language training sector, consisting of around 220 colleges, school boards and community organizations, as well as their instructors and managers. Service providers that embrace blended or online delivery models using this LINC courseware are better able to meet the needs of their clients.

Visit the LearnIT2teach website provides individual interactive LINC course activities associated with listening, speaking, reading and writing, while offering opportunities for collaboration and discussion. Its structure, combined with the variety in course activities and tools, encourages active learning where learners control the pace and type of learning. The LINC courseware adapts to special needs clients and different learning preferences. Blended (hybrid) and online approaches to program delivery enable service providers to reach clients who otherwise cannot participate in programming.

Visit the Avenue website

  is a partnership with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) to create e-learning courseware for the ESL and FLS programs of the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Deveopment. This technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) project encompasses social communication that expands upon language learning to make possible communities of practice among newcomers and their construction of personalized learning networks.

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